Greenberg Shows - Seller Application

Fill out this form and click "submit" to sign up for selling tables. Within 10 business days you will receive a confirmation in the mail. For applications made within two weeks of a show, you will be contacted by our office within three business days of your application submission. This is a legally binding agreement and it is understood that each party agrees to be legally bound by it. Click here to read the terms and conditions.

Table Order

Enter the number of tables you'd like to order. Tables in Monroeville are 6' long with a contracted space of 6'x4' and cost $65. All other tables are 8' long with a contracted space of 8'x4' and cost $75 except where noted. Wall table are $10 extra. Electric access is $55 per show (or $95 if ordered within two weeks of the show) except for Chantilly, where electric access is $65.
By clicking "submit" I agree to hold harmless Great Train Show and Train Show Inc, its exhibition centers, and contractors for any and all actions that may occur involving the show. I agree to indemnify Great Train Show and Train Show Inc for any liability that may be caused or related to my participation under this agreement.